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Trees make up a beautiful part of the landscape of any property.  If trees are situated too close to a building, however, this could create numerous problems.  Here are some of the potential risks associated with trees too close to a home:
Damage to foundations.  This is a big concern for many homeowners so how can trees damage a foundation?  If cracks already exist in the foundation, roots can grow into those cracks.  Some tree roots can get so big that they start to grow underneath the home’s foundation, causing it to lift.
Falling tree limbs and branches.  This is another problem that comes with trees close to a building.  These falling branches can fall on roofs, power and communication lines and even on the home’s occupants or passersby.  Falling leaves and branches can also start to clog gutters which, if not cleaned out regularly, could create structural issues. 
Rodents and insects could gain easier access to a home with the help of a close tree. 
Greater danger of fire spreading.  This would be especially the case in areas susceptible to wildfires.
As we can see, there are certain risks associated with trees being situated too close to a building.  This risk is increased if the tree is unhealthy or dying.  If you notice that trees on your property are dead or dying, you may find it better to remove it and eliminate the risk altogether.

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