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Sinkholes…Could They Put Your Property At Risk?

Many of us have seen news reports on the huge amounts of destruction that a sinkhole can cause. They not only put property and roads at risk but more importantly, they are a danger to human life. If you are concerned about sinkholes being a problem on or around your...

Your Home… Protecting It From Foreclosure

Buying your own home, as well a being a good investment, can give you the freedom to fix it up the way you want and give you an added feeling of security that a rental cannot. However, there are certain circumstances that could cause you to lose that investment. Let’s...

Crawlspace Hazards

A home inspector has to be very cautious when inspecting certain areas of a home. One of those areas is the crawlspace underneath the house. The reasons for this are pretty obvious as they are dark and, most of the time, unchecked places. This means all kinds of...

Trees…Are They Putting Your Home At Risk?

Trees make up a beautiful part of the landscape of any property.  If trees are situated too close to a building, however, this could create numerous problems.  Here are some of the potential risks associated with trees too close to a home: Damage to foundations.  This...

Is The Home Inspection An Optional Extra?

Finding that perfect home at the right price is a dream for many home buyers. The reality is, though, that this doesn’t often happen. Perhaps you will find your ideal home only to discover it is in very high demand. What will you do? If the home has many offers on it,...

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